Service Volunteer Program

Service Volunteer Program Info and Log

The TCSVP program is sponsored by the PTA and encouraged by everyone at TCMS. The students learn the value of giving back to others by volunteering in our community. Community Service is defined as “services volunteered by individuals or an organization to benefit a community.” Students are encouraged to volunteer with NON-PROFIT organizations.

Eligible Activities Include

  • If you are a member of a youth group (Girl/Boy Scouts, church, etc.) you can count hours doing volunteer service with these groups. Please note that time spent attending meetings does not count

  • Volunteer time at local animal shelters

  • Help the elderly, disabled, and homeless in the community by providing yard work, household tasks, food, etc. (does not include family members)

  • Help with activities at assisted living facilities, hospitals or daycare centers

  • Mentor, tutor or coach young people (may not receive compensation)

  • Provide volunteer services to help neighboring schools

  • Help with Church activities such as Caritas, acolyte, or any other volunteer activity

  • Participate in neighborhood cleanups, recycling programs

  • Volunteer for TCMS/TCMS PTA special events

  • Serve as trainer/helper for TCMS sports teams or other community based programs (no more than 10 hours for this type of activity)

  • Volunteer at TCMS assisting a teacher (not during a class) or participating in a service club (EX. Interact Club, TCMS School Pride Club) (no more than 10 hours for “helping a teacher”)

  • Other activities approved by Social Studies teacher (must have teacher’s initials to indicate approval)


  • Volunteer service is counted if your service is provided free (no monetary or other compensation is provided)

  • A supervising adult must sign each entry on the log

  • TCSVP volunteer service will be counted from June of the previous year through May of the current school year

  • No service to anyone in your immediate or extended family can be counted

  • The organization for which services are provided must be included on the form for hours to be counted

The TCSVP logs must be turned in at the end of each nine weeks to be eligible for the end of term incentives.